Remodeling Mag Aug 2017

Franchising for Replacement Contractors

The Glass Guru’s Director of Corporate Development, Sean Young contributed to the article Filling In for What’s Left Out in the August 2017 issue of Remodeling Magazine. It’s a great read for replacement contractors who have been struggling to grow their own business, even though they might be great working in the field. At the Glass Guru we have a great system that’s allowed skilled workers and contractors to thrive professionally. The beauty of a good franchise model is that there should be systems in place that more than makes up for what a business owner might not be good at, while at the same time, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Traditionally, The Glass Guru franchise owners have no trade experience. However, we have several examples where very experienced contractors and journeymen level trade workers have come to our franchise network and seen great success. These owners get to focus on the trade that they love, and all the while, The Glass Guru supports in the areas that may not be the owners strength. This may include support in Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, Financial Management, etc…

Take the opportunity to read the article in the Digital Edition of to  August 2017 issue of Remodeling Magazine. The article provides a pretty good overview of the many reasons contractors might consider converting their existing business to a franchise model, or journeymen-level trade workers to purchase a franchise.