Be Part of the Disruptive Change in the Glass Industry

One of the elements of The Glass Guru’s success since we began franchising in 2007 was the unique nature of what we had to offer the marketplace. The door, window, and glazing (fenestration) industries have not been known to be revolutionary spaces. In a recent article (Industry Evolution, October 18, 2017, by Rich Walker) in Window & Door Magazine, a leading trade magazine, it’s stated most appropriately that “fenestration appears to be a mature technology experiencing largely incremental change around the edges, in the form of material advances and performance improvements.” Essentially, this means there has been very little change. “Furthermore, we are inextricably linked to the construction industry, which has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies such as building information modelling and, over the past 50 years, has undergone no fundamental change.” the article continues.

It’s an industry full of  one-man, “chuck-in-a-truck”, low-price leaders who offer no significant value-add to their customers. Too often, providers pigeon-hole themselves into a product/service offering that is restrictive, and limiting to the end-customer., simply because that’s how they always have done business. Long-standing practices continue to prevail, leading to very little change in how companies market to, and ultimately serve their customer in this industry. There are very few national brands that serve customers with their window, entry door, or glass repair needs. In not one case is there a provider who can help customers with their needs in ALL three of these spaces… except The Glass Guru!

Steve Jobs famously said he would never ask a customer what they wanted because they don’t know.” The Glass Guru became a revolutionary company upon our founding in 2004 by offering the disruptive technology of dual-pane moisture removal services. Prior to this offering, customers never considered having their foggy windows restored, because they didn’t know technology didn’t existed. As The Glass Guru evolved, we further disrupted the industry by adding to our offering of products and services. We bundled this niche window restoration technology with traditional glass-replacement and repair services, entry door replacement, and more.

As the marketplace continues to wrap their head around the new normal, the uninformed optimism in the building & remodeling industries prevail. Coming out of the great recession of several years ago has many replacement contractors looking at the current economic environment as a “blue-sky” opportunity. This provides very little incentive for change… as the article states “in the fenestration industry, the recent calming of the many consolidations that occurred in the wake of the 2008 meltdown, coupled with resurgent growth, may understandably breed confidence or maybe even a new round of complacency.” At The Glass Guru, we also believe that the market outlook is good. However, unlike our counterparts, we will continue to lead through change, evolution, and yes, even disruption. Now is the time for continuous improvement, not embracing the practices of the past.

The Glass Guru further disrupts the fenestration industry by providing real business operators and entrepreneurs a point-of-entry to a marketplace inundated with  tradespeople. Our proven business model provides a road map for success to individuals with no industry/trade experience in the window, door, and fenestration spaces.  Take this opportunity to look at a franchise opportunity where industry norms are not considered the status quo. The Glass Guru will continue to be disruptive in our industry… We will continue to offer our customers a broad array of niche services as well as traditional glass replacement and repairs. We will market to our customer base using the most modern and effective ways. We will continue to be a service-led company, building long-standing relationships with our customers. We will continue to evolve where it is prudent to do so, thus keeping The Glass Guru clearly ahead of the pack of providers in our industry.

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