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1851 Franchise Features Brother Franchisee Duo

1851 Franchise Features Brother Franchisee Duo

The Glass Guru is pleased to announce that Ted and Aaron Halliday, owners of The Glass Guru of Frisco, TX, have been recently featured in an article by 1851 Franchise. 1851 publishes content to bring the franchise world together by providing online educational resources where you will find daily content from franchise specialists, thought leaders, journalists, and entrepreneurs.

The 1851 Franchise article highlights the brothers, their path to franchising, and ultimately their rise to success. For Ted and Aaron, “work hard, play hard” has been the motto over the last 10 years. Their story is not unique, in that they were looking for some unique, a niche where they could exercise their talents without the threat of a of of direct competition.

“Every night, I could not stop thinking about all these smudges on windows that wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard we tried to remove them,” Ted said. “It was at that moment that we began seeking out franchise opportunities and found The Glass Guru.” – Ted Halliday | Owner, The Glass Guru of Frisco, TX

Over the years, the brothers have grown a great team and business. Their attitude has proven to be healthy for their relationship, and likely for the people that work for them as well…

“Working with each other has been really great,” Ted said. “We are franchisee partners, but more importantly, we are great friends. We believe that work should be fun and we have developed a ‘play while you work’ mindset that has allowed us to see great success with The Glass Guru”, continues Ted Halliday.

Ted and Aaron are just two more examples of the hard working and professional franchise owners who make up The Glass Guru. Take the opportunity to read more about their unique story in the full article published on the 1851 website.

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