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Duluth, MN Franchise Owners Featured By 1851 Franchise

Duluth, MN Franchise Owners Featured by 1851 Franchise

The Glass Guru’s Duluth, MN based franchise owners Dan and Rachell Cook were recently featured by 1851 Franchise. The publication specialized in providing regularly updated content to the franchising world, providing relevant information to franchise professionals and businesspeople seeking franchise opportunities alike.

In the article “Dan and Rachell Cook’s Journey to The Glass Guru Started with a Mobile Search”, Dan and Rachell discuss candidly their experience with The Glass Guru, going all the way back to how they originally found the franchise opportunity.

Like most franchise owners, Dan and Rachell already had successful careers, but were looking for something new. When they started looking into The Glass Guru they knew that they wanted something in the glass industry, because that’s the industry that Dan was in at the time.  After extensive research, the couple followed the advice of The Glass Guru franchisor, and began to contact many of The Glass Guru’s active franchise owners.

“The opinion from owners I contacted was all positive, The biggest thing they talked about was the support that you get from the franchisor. That was the biggest one for me because that’s the whole point of being a franchisee. If you’re just left to figure it out yourself, you might as well not be part of a franchise system. Just the fact that they were very involved with everything intrigued me. There was also the fact that the franchisor provided a lot of the marketing and branding for the business. That was important to us.” – Dan Cook – Franchise Owner

The Cooks hit the Duluth market by storm, growing the business relatively quickly. Dan’s knowledge of the industry, along with their collective networking skills allowed for the couple to get the customers they needed to jump-start the business at the time they started. They’ve continued their growth trend ever since.

“We’re still in the growth stage,” Cook said. “There are three levels. We’re in the middle, and I think we made it here fairly quickly. I think within another two years, we’ll be at a point where this location will be staff-run. When that happens, that will allow us to have some more resources to start on a new location.”

Take the opportunity to find out more about the journey Dan and Rachell cook took to begin their life as franchise owners, and also about the success they are seeing with this franchise model.  Read the full article, and access other contents specific to The Glass Guru, by visiting  the 1851 Franchise site.


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