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1851 Magazine Features The Top Reasons To Choose The Glass Guru

1851 Magazine Features the Top Reasons to Choose The Glass Guru

The Glass Guru was recently featured by 1851 Franchise in an article titled “5 Reasons to Invest in The Glass Guru”. The article provides an overview of The Glass Guru’s beginnings, and how the organization has become well-positioned to continue dominating the window and glass repair service segment for years to come.” 1851 Franchise sought out input from members of The Glass Gurus’s Executive team, as well as franchise owners.

According to 1851 Franchise, the things that make The Glass Guru so attractive as a franchise opportunity is the robust health of the home service industry. Secondly, the company’s franchise opportunity is considered on of the top low-cost franchises. The Glass Guru also leverages their unique position in the marketplace, offering a unique foggy window repair process.

The most enticing thing about our franchise opportunity, in my opinion, is that we specialize in a service that no one else provides,” Frey said. “While our signature foggy window repair service isn’t the only service that we offer anymore, it remains our biggest distinction. Given that this is such a common problem, it creates a great business ownership opportunity for our franchisees.” – Dan Frey, CEO

Many active franchise owners cite the company’s unique foggy window repair process as a driving reason behind their purchase.

I’ve always been interested in companies that push the envelope. The Glass Guru has these amazing proprietary products, and they are doing incredible things with them. The foggy window repair process, in particular, was so effective, so unique and so easy to apply. You don’t have to replace the glass, it has a 10-year warranty and it can all be done from outside, so you don’t have to go into people’s homes.” – Eric Helus, Franchise Owner

The article further covers the benefits of owning a franchise with The Glass Guru, covering the opportunities afforded to franchisees by having access to a huge client base of potential customers. Lastly, attention is focused on The Glass Guru’s easily scalable business model. Take the opportunity to read the article today. Now is the time to find out more about The Glass Guru.

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