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Digital Marketing Director

 Savoy attended San Jose University studying at the School of Arts. He started his career as a pre-IPO member of MyPoints.com (MYPT)/Cybergold (CGLD) managing the Membership Marketing and Acquisition team and growing the membership size from 3 million to 10 million members in under 10 months. Holding several management positions over 20 years from Alibaba, Internet Brands and Quinstreet, he has also served as an executive consultant and product marketing manager to client companies. 

Savoy lives in Roseville with his wife and two Pomeranians named Lucky and Snowball. He stated that the perfect day is waking up and making a difference in someone’s life. Wanting to be a computer engineer growing up, his digital passions are still present in his current role as Digital Marketing Director, just a lot less JavaScript to deal with.

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