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What type of tools and vehicles will I need?

There are a number of general tools as well trade specific tools that you will eventually need for the operation of the franchise, but these can be purchased on an as-needed basis as the business grows. We supply an initial Glass Guru tool kit on the final day of the initial franchise training that includes a number of items and some consumables but not everything that you will ultimately need. Our Franchise Disclosure Documents include a full list of the tools and equipment required for the operation of the business. Initially, you will need a vehicle suitable for estimates and another for field work. For estimating, it can be a flex vehicle such as a Honda Element, Chevy HHR, Scion xB or something similar that gets good gas milage and can be professionally wrapped to advertise and represent the business. For the service vehicle, you will also need a truck or van with storage racks capable of moving large glass pieces, windows or doors.

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