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You can be confident that the products and services offered by The Glass Guru will always be in high demand. Having launched and grown our business through the height of the recession, The Glass Guru’s unique blend of new and traditional glass replacement and services has allowed our owners to thrive even in poor economic conditions. Every owner of real property (residential or commercial) either does, or will eventually need a glass repair service.  From glass repair to replacing residential glass, a trusted technician from The Glass Guru will be able to help you with all your custom glass needs. We pride ourselves on being the glass and window company customers actually want to do business with! Below are just a few of the products and services offered by The Glass Guru. For a more detailed look at ALL products and services, please feel free to visit our consumer website.


Pioneers in Glass Restoration, The Glass Guru was the first company in the US to offer a money-saving Foggy Window Repair process for failed dual-pane windows. In fact, when our founders started the business in 2004, Foggy Window Repair is all that was offered. Although our business model has greatly expanded since that time, our Foggy Window Repair service continues to fuel the growth of the organization locally and nationally. The Glass Guru is the only franchise that offers this cutting-edge glass replacement service which continues to be a huge differentiator and competitive advantage for us in the market place.

Foggy Window Repair

Window seal failure is a common problem for aging windows and an inevitable issue for almost all residential and commercial buildings with insulated glass. A failed seal around the insulated glass of a window allows moisture-laden air to get in between the panes. This can lead to condensation between the panes and the glass looking foggy, wet or dirty as well as degrading the window’s insulating ability.  If your home has this type of damaged glass, it may be time to hire a glass window repair service. Utilizing cutting-edge window restoration technologies, The Glass Guru can help our customers solve their foggy window problems at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Our unique foggy window repair process quickly and permanently eliminates moisture and residue from failed thermal panes while also restoring the insulating “R-Value” and preventing future damage. Unlike glass or window replacement, our moisture removal service provides fast, effective, on-site window restoration without removing the glass! Not only will customers see and feel the difference, but we back it up with a fully transferable 10 year warranty. As an organization, The Glass Guru has successfully restored over 75,000 windows, saving millions of dollars in replacement costs and many tons of non-recyclable glass from going to the landfills.

Our Moisture Removal Process:

  • Is non-disruptive and efficient. Can be done quickly, so you will not lose valuable time.
  • Is economical; a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Restores the window s insulation (“R”) value, so energy costs are reduced.
  • Is environmentally responsible. No worries about glass disposal.
  • Is backed by a fully transferable 10-year warranty.
Scheduling a window repair is streamlined since there is no glass to order or install. Most restorations can be done in 20 minutes or less. No one knows Foggy Window Repair like The Glass Guru.

Wood Rot Repair

Window sill and frame rot is a common problem in wood windows. As water leaks in around the paint/caulk, heat from the sun warms creates a perfect environment for rot fungi. As the fungi spreads, it deteriorates the wood and can cause significant visual and structural damage to the window sash and frame.

Others use epoxy or hardened wood putties to patch the problem. This is just a short term fix to an internal wood rot problem. We prefer to remove unwanted wood rot and replace it with new wood for a lasting repair. We can remake a portion or all of the wooden sash, jamb or sill to replace just that portion instead of having to replace the entire window. Our goal is to save customers money and earn future business.

Fungi Spreads

The Glass Guru Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Removal

image of Replacement window wood

Before After

Before and after wood rot images wood rot repair

Whether your windows have minor or severe wood rot issues, we’ve got you covered. Our repair technicians are experts in replacing, repairing or rebuilding your rotted wood windows. For wood rot in the windows at customer’s home or business, no one knows wood window rot repair like The Glass Guru.


When restoration isn’t an option, our franchise locations offer a full array of top-quality name brand replacement products including glass, windows, doors, screens, mirrors, showers and more. From a single screen to whole-home window and door packages, we have our customers needs covered.

We also do traditional repairs on windows, doors, screens and showers such as hardware repairs and adjustments, re-screening services, or whatever can be done to fix our customer’s existing products. If we can save our customers money fixing something instead of replacing it, we generally will give that option.  Our goal is to earn customers for life, who continue to come back to The Glass Guru for all their glass, window and door needs.


Glass makes up a significant portion of every home – inside and out. The Glass Guru provides a full line of products from leading manufacturers and fabricators to provide residential and commercial buyers, contractors, designers and builders the best possible options and pricing for any situation. Whether you are looking to repair a glass door or fully replace window glass, our team of professional technicians can help.

We offer free estimates as well as complimentary whole-home window inspections to help you fully evaluate yourcustom glass needs. A technician on our team will measure the glass, show you how we can repair or replace it, and then give you the best price possible.

Typically, it will take a week or less from when we take your order to receive the newly fabricated glass for your shower door, window glass, or any other type of home glass. As soon as the glass is delivered, we inspect it for quality and then contact you to schedule the installation. If the replacement glass is a product that we have in stock, installation can be scheduled much sooner.

Glass Guru Glass Replacement

Glass Products

Window Glass
Door Glass
Glass Walls/Panels/Rails
Cabinet Glass
Glass Shelves
Glass Table Tops
Plate Glass
Custom Glass


Homeowners and contractors have come to rely on The Glass Guru to provide high-quality and affordable mirror solutions for virtually any application. The Glass Guru helps turn customer plans to reality. Our estimators and installers are mirror experts can help you get just the look you desire for your home or business. No one knows mirrors like The Glass Guru.

Mirror Types:

Wall Mirrors
Bathroom Mirrors
Bedroom Mirrors
Mirror Closet Doors
Mirror Walls
Mirror Frames


It is amazing how the replacement of an old shower or bath glass can change the way a bathroom feels, transforming it from a utilitarian room to a luxurious room that customers want to spend time in. Make the shower the centerpiece of your customer’s bathroom and pamper them with glass that creates an aura of luxury. The washroom should be a retreat where customers can relax in solitude, emerging refreshed and energized.

The Glass Guru offers a variety of shower and bath styles and brands to fit customer needs. Our estimators and installers are shower and bathtub glass experts. Whether your customer needs a new glass shower to finish off that bathroom remodel in your home or a hotelier looking to upgrade the showers and baths in one or many properties, no one knows shower and bath glass like The Glass Guru.

Shower and Bath Glass Types:

Shower Enclosures
Framed Shower Enclosures
Frameless Shower Enclosures
Neo Angle Showers
Shower Walls
Shower Doors
Tub Enclosures
Bathtub Doors


Window and door screens are designed to cover the opening of a window or door while also allowing in fresh air and light. Today’s screens come in a variety of types and styles that serve different functions depending on your needs.We provide on-site screen repair, new window screens and window re-screening at your home or business.

Screens from The Glass Guru are designed to complement the openings of  homes or businesses, giving customers more ways to let light and air in while keeping the things they don’t want in the home outside. We carry screens in a range styles and materials to fit any application. Our estimators and installers are residential and commercial screen experts. No one knows screens  like The Glass Guru.

Available Screen Types

  • Window Screens
  • Screen Doors
  • Solar Screens
  • Retractable Screens & Doors
  • Security Screens & Doors


Replacement windows add value from every perspective. It’s an investment that can pay for itself in just a few years. Here’s how:
  • Improves curb appeal and increases resale value. Homeowners can expect to recoup about 75-90 percent for vinyl or wood window replacement.
  • Reduces heating and/or cooling costs, which saves you money every year.
  • Increases the comfort of your home.
Nearly everyone can benefit by replacing old leaky, inefficient windows with new modern energy-efficient windows. Depending on your location, you can cut energy costs by as much as 15 percent. The colder or hotter the climate, the greater potential you have to save money on energy costs.

Products for Homeowners and Builders

Whether your customer is a homeowner that needs a few windows for a small addition or an architect, builder, or developer that needs hundreds of windows with custom details for a large project, The Glass Guru has the products and expertise to meet their needs. Our strong position in the window and door industry allows us to buy at volume prices directly from the manufacturer. We pass these savings on to our customers to offer the most competitive prices matched with the best service in town.

Window Products:

  • Replacement Windows
  • Double Pane Windows
  • Triple Pane Windows
  • Energy Star Windows
  • New Construction Windows
  • Window Styles
  • Window Types
    • Aluminum Windows
    • Wood Windows
    • Vinyl Windows
    • Fiberglass Windows
  • Window Hardware
  • Storm Windows


Whether a homeowner needs a single entry or patio door, or an architect, builder, developer or contractor who needs multiple doors for a large project, The Glass Guru has the door products and expertise to meet your needs. Our strong position in the window and door industry allows us to buy at volume prices directly from the manufacturer. We pass these savings on to our customers to offer the most competitive prices while still offering the highest level of service and customer care.

Exterior Doors Confgurations

Door Products:

  • Entry Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Pet Doors
  • Security Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Commercial Doors
  • Autoslide
  • Door Glass Inserts
  • Door Hardware


We also offer a number of niche specialty services that you won’t find offered by most other glass shops.  Always on the leading edge of the industry, we can spot trends and offer new products and services years before they are widely adopted by the competition.  Our specialty services often get us in the door where others can’t, giving us the opportunity to offer our other services and become the company they can rely on and trust for everything we provide.

Pet Doors

Name potential customers are seeking a custom pet door solution for their home. The most obvious location for a pet door is right in the entry doors themselves! We work with top suppliers that make dog and cat doors that can be mounted right in doors, screens, storm doors, sliding glass patio doors, etc..

In-Glass Pet Doors

In-Glass Pet Doors

In-Screen Pet Doors

In-Screen Pet Doors

In-Door Pet Doors

In-Door Pet Doors

Soundproof Glass

Many potential customers face significant noise problems at their home or business. They can be annoyed by an airport, traffic noise, barking dogs, or even loud neighbors. Soundproof glass and/or windows are what they need for sound control and noise abatement! How much noise can soundproof windows stop? More than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through your doors and windows. An acoustically engineered soundproof glass window can reduce noise levels by 75-95%. More cost-effective than new replacement windows, soundproof glass will act as a sound-barrier and eliminate noise problem without replacing the existing window frames.

Soundproof Glass
Benefits of Soundproof Glass:

  • Solves your noise problems – an effective sound barrier
  • No need to replace windows
  • Saves energy – increases insulation values
  • Added strength and security from breakage
  • Creates a super-quiet, relaxing, low-stress environment
  • Provides a marketing advantage for the property

Mirror Frames

Custom fabricated mirror frames add a custom and luxurious feel to any mirror – quick and easy.
  • Customers can choose from an extensive collection of designer frames and finishes.
  • Frames are custom-built to fit any size.
  • An appealing upgrade that creates distinction and adds value.
  • Affordable price
Custom mirror frames from The Glass Guru are designed to add beauty and value to your home. Our estimators and installers are mirror frame experts. No one knows custom mirror frames  like The Glass Guru.


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