Franchise Support

Our Dedicated Team is Here for You Every Step Of The Way

When looking at franchises, most people look at things like the franchise fee, the protected territory, the name brand, etc… However, it can be easy to overlook the people who you’ll be working with at the franchisor. The single greatest value you can get from joining a franchise organization is the core competencies that come with the franchise support team. These are the folks who are in the trenches, every day, being passionate advocates for franchise owners and their staff.

At The Glass Guru, we recognized the value of a top-notch support team years ago which is why we provide franchise training and support every step of the way. It’s been a big part of our corporate development efforts to engage the best and the brightest individuals to support our franchise network. We’ve consistently built the support team of tomorrow, always staying ahead of the demand curve of the current franchise network. Our support team focuses on all critical elements of running an effective franchise, and we’re here to help from the very beginning of your startup process. From initial training to your marketing material, our franchise partners will help you build a successful franchise. Our in-depth franchisee training teaches you everything there is to know about franchise ownership so you can excel in your territory from the very beginning. 

Franchise Financing

The Glass Guru is registered with The Franchise Registry and is a Small Business Association (SBA) approved franchise concept. Our team assists franchise candidates with the loan process by providing templates for business planning and forecasting required for the SBA application process.

Business Set Up

The team at The Glass Guru regularly helps franchise owners with establishing their business entities (typically Limited Liability Companies, or Corporations). In addition, each state has it’s own trade and/or business licensing requirements. We are eager to help you gain a better understanding of the business model so you can create a thriving new business from the very beginning. Our team is ready and waiting to assist new franchise owners in understanding their local requirements, and can help them walk the path to business compliance for our new franchise locations.

Franchise Quick-Start

The Glass Guru has a proven franchise “Quick-Start” process that helps new franchise owners get their businesses up and running in the shortest period of time. The process, typically lasting 4-6 weeks, starts immediately following the execution of the Franchise Agreement. From the signing date forward, franchise owners will have dedicated members of the franchise support team assisting with business planning, recruiting, searching for vehicles, facility selection, initial marketing planning and setup, and much, much, more… The entire process culminates in a one-week Initial Franchise Training at one of our Regional Certified Training Centers.

Glass Product Sourcing

As most new franchise owners with The Glass Guru have no industry experience, the sourcing of glass suppliers can be difficult for the franchise owner. The Glass Guru has dedicated individuals who will source out multiple suppliers for fabricated glass, windows, screens, glazing supplies, and more. In some cases, The Glass Guru will have negotiated rates/discounts. In most other cases, the franchise owner will get pricing specific to their new location. Our team will then introduce the new franchise owner to their initial suppliers.

Local Marketing Support

The Glass Guru is a sophisticated MARKETING COMPANY that also happens to be a premier provider of glass restoration, repair, and replacement services. Unlike many typical companies in the “trades”, The Glass Guru has developed a marketing program that just works. Franchise owners pay a small amount of their monthly revenues toward local marketing and a national marketing fee. In return, the franchise location’s phone will ring… it’s that simple. Our Marketing team is here to support franchise owners as they grow their business, and their Marketing needs evolve.

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Franchise Operations Support

We’ve created an operational road map that franchise owners can follow to help guide their success. From Sales and Estimating, Purchasing, Glazing/Installation, to Accounting & Finance there’s a dedicated person who’s here to ensure our franchise owners’ success.

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Planning and Forecasting Support

One common element in successful business owners is that they set goals, and then hold themselves accountable for hitting those goals. Each franchise owner is assigned a dedicated business coach who will help them set S.M.A.R.T. goals for themselves and their franchise team. We’ll help franchise owners align with the best resources available for their specific business plan, and help them measure the success of the implementation of that business plan. Our numbers-minded support team members help owners make sense of it all and ultimately help franchise owners achieve the growth and financial independence they seek.

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Glass Industry Support

With a wide array of products and services offered, The Glass Guru requires a robust support network to assist franchise owners and their staff when it comes to designing and installing our products and services. Our team is available for franchise owners and their staff during normal business hours to address questions and give technical guidance when it comes to any of our products and services.

Peer-to-Peer Support

In addition to the great support network offered by the franchisor, another great value-add in The Glass Guru franchise network is peer-to-peer support. Our franchise owners lover to help out fellow franchisees. We have decades of collective experience with many of our franchise owners. “Better practices” are defined every day… it’s simply good business sense to leverage what’s been successful in other franchise locations, and also to tread lightly should there be any initiative that did not go well for a particular location. We never have to “reinvent the wheel.”