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The Glass Guru has great franchise owners!

The combined ambition and efforts of The Glass Guru franchise owners has been the driving force in the rise of the organization  since we began  franchising in 2007. Our owners come from wide range a backgrounds, with very few having any prior experience in the glass or window industry, and they are seeing great success with The Glass Guru.

When it comes to evaluating a franchise, facts & stats can only get you so far. Speaking with active franchise owners still proves to be one of the most valuable steps in the discovery process, and one we recommend early on. Our franchise owners love to tell their story, and will prove to be a valuable source of information to help you decide if The Glass Guru is right for you.

Franchise Testimonials

Take just a few minutes to watch our “Success Stories” videos. Each video features our franchise owners telling their Glass Guru story. Many of the individuals featured in these videos are available on our franchise owner reference list that you will be provided as part of your franchise discovery process. You are encouraged to contact each of these owners to help find out if The Glass Guru franchise opportunity makes sense to you.



Franchise Satisfaction Report

Each year, Franchise Business Review (FBR) surveys thousands of franchise owners across North America and publishes a survey compiling the results based exclusively on franchise owner satisfaction in a variety of areas. The Glass Guru invests in an advanced survey each year, where FBR compiles the results, and provides us with a detailed report outlining what our franchisees think about The Glass Guru, company vision, technology, leadership, franchise support, and more¦ Then we stack our franchise owner satisfaction up against the thousands of other franchise companies surveyed.

We share the The Glass Guru’s Franchise Owner Satisfaction Report with our franchise candidates considering our franchise opportunity. Complete the form below to take a closer look today!



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