The Glass Guru has great franchise owners!

The tireless efforts and imagination of The Glass Guru franchise owners has been a driving force in the rise of the company since franchising began in 2007. Each of our franchise owners came to The Glass Guru from their own unique career path and background, few having any glass or window industry experience. Over the years, they walked the path, worked the model, and found success with The Glass Guru.

When it comes to franchising a business, the facts & stats can only get you so far in your discovery process. For most entrepreneurs looking at franchise opportunities, speaking with active franchise owners proves to be one of the most valuable steps. Should you inquire about a franchise, part of our franchising process is that you’ll speak with several of our franchise owners. Our franchise owners love to tell their story, and will prove to be a valuable source of information to help you decide if The Glass Guru is right for you.

Below, we’ve featured several videos introducing you to a few of our active franchise owners.

Franchise Satisfaction Report

Each year, Franchise Business Review (FBR) surveys thousands of franchise owners across North America and publishes a survey compiling the results based exclusively on franchise owner satisfaction in a variety of areas. The Glass Guru invests in an advanced survey each year, where FBR compiles the results, and provides us with a detailed report outlining what our franchisees think about The Glass Guru, company vision, technology, leadership, franchise support, and more¦ Then we stack our franchise owner satisfaction up against the thousands of other franchise companies surveyed.

We share the The Glass Guru’s Franchise Owner Satisfaction Report with our franchise candidates considering our franchise opportunity. Complete the form below to take a closer look today!


Franchise Testimonials

Melborne, FL


The training and support is amazing! they’ve been there for me any time I’ve needed anything. It’s a great (franchise) opportunity. I believe that this company is poised to grow. I think we’re very small compared to where we’re going to be someday, and I think it’s a great time to get into it.


Baton Rouge, LA


I’ve grown slowly… I started out by myself. I tell people that I was profitable in the first 30 days. I don’t know too many businesses that can say that! If you are going to do it (The Glass Guru), do it, and do it right. Dedicate the time to it, it’s a business.


Charleston, SC


The support is awesome! Everybody at home office does a great job. We’re looking to grow (even) more


Indy North, IN


100% happy with the results so far! growth has been great, and I’m only looking to grow more in the future. The training and support has been great for the past 4 years. The Glass Guru is a great low-cost option for a franchise.


El Paso, TX


You guys have been awesome! I opened up our store a month and a half ago, almost two months now. Right out of the gate, I’ve gotten calls, I’ve done service work. Just today, I’ve gotten 3 phone calls, and all of them looking for moisture-removal, leading to other business.


Colorado Springs, CO


I can’t be more pleased! I’ve even tried to contain the growth of my company. The opportunity is there. All the training has been wonderful. I felt like I had a great grasp on what I was going to be doing once I left the training facility (The Glass Guru HQ.)


Springfield, MO


I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve seen so far from the business. I’m excited to finish the year out to see where I end up. The training I’ve received from The Glass Guru has been top-notch… extremely pleased with it.


Austin, TX


The fact that there really was something unique about it (The Glass Guru franchise opportunity). I wanted to do something different. There was nobody else doing the moisture-removal part, and that’s something that stood apart from the rest.