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Husband and Wife Team Become Successful Business Owners with the Help of The Glass Guru

Before becoming franchisees with The Glass Guru, neither Justin nor Shannon Johnson knew the ins and outs of the glass industry. But since signing on to become local owners with the brand back in March of 2016, the husband and wife duo have built a business that’s become a go-to resource for those in need of glass repair and replacement in the Atlanta market. Justin was first inspired to become a business owner because he was tired of the daily grind. While he still wanted to work hard, he wanted the opportunity to do it for himself. So, he started asking friends and family about potential business ownership opportunities in the area. That’s when he discovered The Glass Guru. “At the time, The Glass Guru had another franchisee operating in the Atlanta market that had done some work for my mother in law. She knew at the time that I was looking to start a business, and because she had such a positive experience with them, she told me to look into it,” said Justin. “As I started doing my homework on the brand, I became excited about the opportunity. It stood out because the initial cost was moderate and there was a support structure in place. As I was driving down the street one day, I thought to myself, ‘Every window in every building needs glass, so it’s something that’s always going to be needed.’ That demand and the fact that the market cap was huge were what ultimately inspired me to invest.” Justin and his wife Shannon decided that they would run the business together. While Justin would oversee their employees and the day-to-day aspects that come with running a successful Glass Guru franchise, Shannon would take care of the back-of-house operations. To learn how to effectively do those tasks — especially in an industry that they were unfamiliar with — they relied on The Glass Guru’s training and support system. “I didn’t know anything about the glass industry when I became a franchisee outside of the fact that it’s what makes up a window. The Glass Guru offers training for its franchisees so that you go into the business knowing more than the basics, and within a couple months of launching my business, I had learned enough to be dangerous,” Justin said. “The Glass Guru’s training goes beyond the glass industry, too. They tell you what jobs to take when you’re still ramping up, and my advice is to listen to them. They know what they’re talking about, so it’s best to trust them.” Justin and Shannon’s Glass Guru business has experienced tremendous growth since opening in 2016. After starting the business out of their home, the franchisees — along with their team of six employees — have moved twice in order to find an office big enough for their growth. And now that they’re in a new location, the Johnsons are eager to continue expanding in the metro Atlanta market. Within the next three to four years, the franchisees are planning to launch three more locations in the area in addition to their existing central location. The initial investment for entrepreneurs looking to become Glass Guru franchisees range from $67,050 to $184,000, including a franchise fee that falls between $17,600 and $65,000. Justin said, “My top piece of advice for entrepreneurs considering becoming a franchisee with The Glass Guru is to do it. Go for it. It’s a life changing experience. If you like a challenge, it’s going to be there — I’m not going to say that it’s easy. But it’s not a challenge to the point where you can’t be successful. It’s the type of challenge where if you wake up every day and you want it, you can do it.” BY CASSIDY MCALOON 03:33 PM • 07/10/18 Franchisee Spotlight