Choosing a Low-Cost Franchise Investment

Franchise Business Review (FBR) recently published a special report in their August 2018 edition about choosing a franchise investment that won’t “break the bank.” The report, Choosing a Low-Cost Franchise Investment (pg 12), comes in conjunction with FBR’s list of top low-cost franchise opportunities for 2018. Once again, The Glass Guru was included in FBR’s list of the top 80 Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities. The article speaks to the many benefits of choosing a low-cost franchise investment. Specifically, it allows franchise owners to take capital that would otherwise be used to pay larger franchise fees or startup expenses, and instead keep the cash in the bank as operating capital for the road to come. Cash is always king, and if you can keep some more of it in reserve at startup, it’s a good situation to be in. FBR also takes the opportunity in the special report to speak to a few factors that franchise candidates can use to evaluate franchise opportunities, ensuring that the franchise is the right fit for them. Factors include the franchise candidate’s goals and business objectives, what are they passionate about, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of company culture aligns with the candidate best. At the end of the day, franchise candidates need to feel value in aligning with any franchise brand. Download and read the PDF version of the August 2018 Edition of Franchise Business Review by clicking the following link: