Franchisee Finding Success After Purchasing an Operating Franchise

In the third quarter of 2020, many in the business world were still feeling uncertain as the global pandemic and the impending election played big in the daily headlines. The concept of business ownership was daunting for sure.  Only the most savvy of entrepreneurs were looking to acquire new or existing businesses in those most unusual of times.  One of those savvy entrepreneurs was Colorado-based James Child, Jr. He had spent his career in the construction industry, turning his years of experience into Journeyman-level qualifications, specifically in the window industry. After years in the industry, James made the ultimate decision to parlay his years of professional experience and the relationships he’d developed along the way into a new business opportunity.

I’d been in the building industry for the last 18 years. I have owned my own construction company for the last 8 years with 4 crews of workers.  I have extensive experience installing windows.  I am a certified master window installer by Renewal by Anderson. What ultimately drove me forward was the opportunity to own my own business, and stay in the construction industry, all with the support of a trusted brand in The Glass Guru.” James Child, Jr. | Owner – The Glass Guru of Colorado Springs, CO

Unlike most franchise owners who often purchase new franchise locations, James had the opportunity to purchase a successful operating franchise location in Colorado Springs, CO. Previous franchise owners Eric and Sarah Helus had worked tirelessly to grow The Glass Guru of Colorado Springs since purchasing the franchise location as a new territory back in 2014. Over the years, the pair had grown a great team and always delivered on the promise of the brand, taking great care of their customers. The franchise location had grown to the point where it was consistently profitable, and the Helus family had begun to think about making a change, and considered selling their store.  Fast-forward to mid-2020 where Eric and Sarah Helus sold The Glass Guru of Colorado Springs, CO to Mr. Child. After careful vetting, the transaction was approved by The Glass Guru franchisor, and James Child, Jr. jumped head-first into the new franchise owner training process. James completed his training officially in August of 2020. Since that date, James and the team in Colorado Springs have not looked back. James’s biggest concerns around his ability to “keep and expand on the business that had been previously established by the Helus family” proved to be unwarranted. The franchise location’s growth immediately accelerated under James’s leadership. The franchise continues to be a top-10 producer in the franchise network, and The Glass Guru’s leadership team is very optimistic about the future of this particular franchise location. 

Take a franchise location that was already healthy like Colorado Springs was… I mean Eric and Sarah Helus grew a really great team, a really great business. Now put a heavily motivated and experienced operator like James Child in the driver’s seat and watch what happens! We initially have some concerns about candidates who come from the construction industry. Not with James. It was obvious when we first met him that he’s a smart and capable businessperson, and the fact that he also comes with journeyman-level industry experience was just the icing on the cake.”  Dan Frey | President & Founder – The Glass Guru Franchise

Moving forward, James and his team continue to do great things in Colorado Springs. Child has indicated a desire to dominate the market in Colorado Springs, and ultimately expand the areas they serve in southern Colorado. Childs is just another example of recent transfers within The Glass Guru franchise network where these new owners are able to leverage the incredible momentum the home services category and The Glass Guru brand are exhibiting today.