Franchisor Delivers Big During Inaugural Digital Franchise Conference

If the year 2020 taught us anything, companies that had affected some form of digital transformation prior to the pandemic were likely to fare better than those who did not. Companies that had not put a lot of forethought into managing a distributed workforce, using digital communications, or use of cloud computing likely suffered some negative consequences.  In the world of franchising, there is already the challenge of having individual locations distributed all over the country or even the world. In many ways, franchising is a great example of the original “distributed workforce”. These organizations are already adept at mitigating some of the disconnected feelings that can occur by not being centralized. On the flip-side, most franchisors heavily rely on annual events that bring all franchisees to a single event, a single location, to help first some of that organizational “togetherness” that we’re all seeking.   Roseville, CA based glass franchise The Glass Guru had already seen the writing on the wall, launching a significant digital transformation back in 2018, delivering enterprise-level tools like a Google Workspace, comprehensive company Intranet, workflow management tool, support portal, and learning management system. COVID also accelerated the company’s communications roadmap, including the adoption of virtual franchise discovery days, blended e-learning, web meetings, and live face-to-face training, all to ensure continuity of business and the health and safety of franchise prospects, franchisees, and franchisor team as well.  As with all other companies, The Glass Guru also had to rethink the concept of conventions and conferences in 2020. The company needed to cancel their previously scheduled franchise conference scheduled for late 2020. The Glass Guru quickly responded by announcing Level Up 2021, the organization’s first digital franchise conference, Slated for January 2021. Culminating in the 2nd week of January 2021, The Glass Guru delivered the organization’s first digital franchise conference as a live streaming event held over 4 days. The goal with the Level Up 2021 conference was to deliver the franchise convention experience, but all as streaming content not to exceed 3 hours per day. The Glass Guru’s leadership team believed that this was the best way to deliver the content and also allow for continuity at the franchise locations because of the shorter duration. The conference content was targeted for franchise owners, designated managers, and supervisors at the franchise level.

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Highlights from The Glass Guru’s Level Up 2021 digital franchise conference

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The event was a great success in the eyes of The Glass Guru’s leadership team and the franchisees alike. 

We had nearly 90%  of franchise locations participate in the event. Based on event survey respondents, over 80% of those who attended were in attendance on all 4 days of the event., and over 85% of participants rated the event content at least 4 out of 5! Of course with webinars, you always wonder if the attendees are attentive, and in the case of this event, The Glass Guru noted a significantly high “attentiveness” rating in the Webinar software (exceeding 75%!) The franchise response to this event was overwhelmingly positive, and it’s changed how we’re going to do franchise conferences now, and forever.” Sean Young | Director of Technology & Communications The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc.

The Level Up 2021 event highlighted a number of reasons why it’s a great time to be part of The Glass Guru franchise network. The company posted a record financial year in 2020, in spite of the pandemic. Home services continue to be in high demand, and The Glass Guru brand again leveraged their historical ability to be  a “recession-resistant” franchise model. The organization used the event to launch a number of new initiatives as well, including some new service offerings, expanded franchise coaching resources, and a number of great new marketing and technology highlighting the franchisees national marketing fee at work, including:

  • New Marketing Agency Partner 
  • New Consumer Website
  • New Customer Experience Platform – Reviews and CS Surveys
  • New Lead Tracking Platform
  • Expanded Email Marketing Platform
  • Content Marketing Initiative

As with most franchise conferences, The Glass Guru also took the opportunity during the digital conference to recognize those locations and franchise owners who achieved significant milestones or who were deserving of special recognition. Locations / Owners receiving special recognition were: Rising Stars

  • Kyle Hansen –Southlake Tx
  • Stan Gilbreath –-Johns Creek, GA
  • Daina & Eric Van Buehling – Indy South

Break-Out Awards

  • Chris & Erica Schwartz – Denver West
  • Laurel Mayo – Carlsbad, CA

Purple Cow Cup

  • Austin Adams & Greg Adams – Edmond, OK

Business Improvement Group Standout

  • Ted, Bonnie & Aaron Halladay – Frisco Texas

Peak Performer – Growth & Development

  • Lisa Chambers – The Glass Guru of Mason, OH

Peak Performer – Marketing

  • Ted, Bonnie & Aaron Halladay – Frisco, TX

Peak Performer – Operations

  • Dan Lahti – Glenwood Springs

Peak Performers – 8 & Out

  • Dan Cook – Duluth, MN

Leadership Award

  • Mitch Ritchey – Indy North, IN

Model Store

  • Eric Hilger – Charleston, SC

Top Producer

  • Guerric de Coligny – Honolulu, HI
  • Mitch Ritchey – Indy North, IN

Top Multi-Unit Producer

  • Michael Kugler – Austin North & Austin South TX
  • Eddie Gomez – San Antonio, TX

  When asked about the success The Glass Guru saw in 2020, despite a very challenging environment, company President Dan Frey sums it up:

Last year’s success was a culmination of the hard work of our franchisees and their teams, and the contribution of our team here at corporate. Our team had seen the need to move The Glass Guru’s  technology needle a few years ago. We had already adopted enough new critical technology and become comfortable using it in our model when COVID first hit. It made us much less resistant to making small changes in how we communicated and worked with franchise prospects and our franchise teams in the field. It turns out success truly is where preparation and opportunity meet. The recent completion of a very successful virtual conference is just another great indicator that we’re doing  the right thing here at The Glass Guru.” Dan Frey | President & Founder The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc.

With the Level Up 2021 conference in the rear-view mirror, The Glass Guru’s leadership team has a singular focus on delivering on the new initiatives announced to the organization last month. The entire organization is energized and enthusiastic about the opportunity before them, regardless what the prevailing economic climate might be. New candidates continue to be drawn to The Glass Guru as a franchise opportunity because of the demand the home services market has seen over the past few years, and of course due to The Glass Guru franchise’s continued success.