Franchisor Team Expansion Accommodates Rapid Organizational Growth

The Glass Guru has always been about building GREAT teams. From our early days of franchising, we have been committed to leading by example and re-investing in our own infrastructure at HQ to stay one step ahead of our growth and provide the most value possible to our franchisees and customers.  We are pleased to announce that our former VP of Corporate Development Glen Greenfelder has been promoted to Chief Operations Officer (COO) and our former VP of Franchise Development Dave Hull has been promoted to Chief Development Officer (CDO).  Although similar in nature to their previous roles, these new designations more accurately reflect their greater responsibilities as department heads and leaders in The Glass Guru organization. Our Marketing Director Jesse James Bracamonte will continue to oversee graphics and design but is transitioning to spending the majority of his time working with our franchise owners and managers to better implement and optimize their local marketing plans and budgets.  In regards to our national marketing, The Glass Guru has added 3 new team members to the Marketing Department with the intention of significantly ramping up the brands exposure across all major channels (digital, broadcast & print).  Last week our new SEO & PPC specialist Brian Cohen started with us followed this week by Steven Tyler (not the Aerosmith singer), our new full-time Video Production Specialist.  Next week Amanda Scott, our new full-time copywriter will begin with us as well. These new hires mark an exciting milestone as The Glass Guru expands the marketing team to a full-fledged Multi-Media Department.  It’s worth noting that all three of these great new hires were found on CareerPlug, on of The Glass Guru’s valuable digital partners.