Glass, Window, & Door Franchise Named a Top Opportunity for Veterans

The Glass Guru was identified by independent research firm, Franchise Business Review, as being one of just 80 franchise brands to be named a Top Franchise for Veterans in its 2021 report.  The Glass Guru is a recognized leader in the glass, window, and door industries. The company began franchising in 2007 and has had growth every year since. The brand is shining in the current climate, where home improvement businesses are seeing huge gains with the uptick in consumer demand for service providers. The brand has been recognized by leading franchise and trade publications including this latest designation by Franchise Business Review as a top franchise for veterans for the 6th consecutive year!    Franchise Business Review, a market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only ranking of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes rankings of the top franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises, as well as guides throughout the year ranking the top franchises in specific sectors. To identify the companies on the list of the best franchises for veterans, Franchise Business Review analyzed data from over 2,500 franchise owners, representing nearly 280 brands regarding their overall satisfaction with their brands and their likelihood to recommend them to others. The Glass Guru’s franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training & support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity.

 “Franchising needs more business owners with the leadership skills and resilience of veterans, but the reality is that very few of the thousands of franchise opportunities available today are rated highly by their franchise owners. We are committed to helping prospective franchisees get an objective view of the best franchise opportunities, based on the actual performance and satisfaction of franchise owners. The 80 companies named in this year’s report on the Top Franchises for Veterans received the highest ratings from the veterans who own them on our independent satisfaction survey.” Eric Stiles | Founder & CEO – Franchise Business Review

The Glass Guru is a regular participant in the annual FBR Franchise Satisfaction survey. In the 2021 report, the brand scored exceedingly high on franchise satisfaction, with Franchise Satisfaction Index (FSI) score of 75.9, eclipsing the brands prior-year FSI score of 75.0. The Glass Guru also eclipsed the 2021 “FBR Benchmark” across all brands, as well as the FSI score for the Home Services category (71.8). 

“Over the years our brand has received recognition from some great business and trade publications. The most meaningful recognition however, is that which is derived from feedback provided from our franchise owners themselves. Our mission here at The Glass Guru franchisor is simple… create and maintain a system that facilitates happy and profitable franchisees. In the world of franchising, that’s enough to see incredible things happen.  All the positive news we’ve seen for the company has been the result of the combined efforts of our corporate team multiplied by the incredible work of our dedicated franchise owners and their teams. It puts a lot of wind in our sails here at The Glass Guru HQ when we get this kind of tremendous validation of those results.” Dan Frey | Founder & President – The Glass Guru Enterprises, Inc. 

When it comes to veterans in franchising, it’s a perfect fit. Most franchisors see the skills and experience the veterans bring to the table as tremendous value, in particular, their leadership skills. There are significant similarities to franchising and the professional structure that veterans saw in their military career:

  • Systems and Rules – Veterans are used to working within a detailed structure of rules and regulations. Being the owner of a franchise is not that different, with franchisees expected to follow strict brand and operational guidelines. 
  • Bigger Than Themselves – In business for yourself, but not by yourself is the mantra of franchising. Those who thrive in franchising strive to grow their own locations, but often are instrumental in supporting their fellow franchisees and the brand at-large. Veterans understand that it is possible to have personal achievements while also having a global view, and acting for the greater good of something bigger than themselves. 
  • Commitment to Working Hard – Service in the military often requires more self-commitment and fortitude to achieve teh mission-at-hand. The job is challenging, and rarely aligns with the conventions and practices one might expect in the civilian workplace. 
  • Stress Management – Let’s face it… Our veterans have likely faced stressful situations that likely won’t be eclipsed in the world of business ownership. Veterans are expected to act responsibly in the face of adversity and often great bodily peril to themselves or others. Veterans are ready to run a business.
  • Leadership – The entire military structure revolves around identifying and growing great leaders. The leadership skills inherent to officers and non-commissioned officers that might be obtained in just a few years in the military might take decades to develop in the civilian marketplace. 
  • Results-Oriented – Every operation in the military must be carefully planned. Each mission generally has a clearly defined objective that is expected to be met. This results-oriented paradigm is where great business leaders live, and bodes well for any franchise that has a proven veteran at the helm. 

At The Glass Guru, the leadership team has embraced an understanding of this great alignment between veterans and franchising. The brand has a dedicated veteran’s incentive, providing veterans a substantial discount on The Glass Guru’s initial franchise fee. In addition, veterans interested in franchising have a number of additional programs and benefits that can assist them in getting started with the business of their dreams following their military service.  Visit to see the full description of the 2021 Top Franchises for Veterans.