Home Services Continues to See Momentum in 2022

Home service projects saw a boom in growth over the past two years. With a higher rate of consumers working from home, home improvement became a new priority to homeowners. Millennials have the majority of the buying power, and they are buying homes that will eventually need repairs or maintenance work. Even faced with unprecedented times, maintenance of your home is an essential service to homeowners. That means home services will be high in demand in 2022. Here are some that will take off in the following year:

    1. Small markets will be sought after as homes outside of urban areas are being bought. Fidelity states that home buyers are looking for better work-life balance with a healthier lifestyle in return, moving them to smaller markets and regions. This will give many smaller businesses and franchises more opportunities for work. Having a local business that has the needed services, quality products while keeping their budget in mind will be homeowners’ top priority when looking for professionals. Marketing your local franchise will be easier in your area, knowing what homeowners want from their home service.[vcex_divider color=”#dddddd” width=”100%” height=”1px” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″]
    2. Bringing nature indoors is a hot design trend that will gradually pick up steam in 2022. From floor to ceiling windows to let in light to sleek and slim designs to make someone feel like they are outside while enjoying the comfort of their couch. Having the right windows to allow natural light will be paramount to homebuyers looking to bring the outside in. ProRemodeler even wrote how window, door, and wall glazing will increase even more in the remodel surge. By offering customizable window services at your franchise, you will have those looking for nature seeking out your business in their home.[vcex_divider color=”#dddddd” width=”100%” height=”1px” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″]
    3. Premium features are a desire for homeowners’ in-home upgrades. What better way to feel refreshed and recharged in their home than top-of-the-line products like using frameless showers in a bathroom refurbishment can give that added high-end look to any upgrade. Updating exterior windows and getting rid of that foggy look can help boost curb appeal. Homebuyers want those high-end, reliable products and services in their home improvements. With the rise in remote work, homeowners want to improve their work environment and the place they relax in. From top-quality home offices to spa-like bathrooms, home buyers are looking for ways to enhance their at-home experience, and you can offer this by opening a franchise with us.[vcex_divider color=”#dddddd” width=”100%” height=”1px” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″]
    4. Home maintenance has also become a priority to homeowners. The need for homes to be more energy efficient is growing into a focus. Working from home has caused consumers to take another look at saving on those energy bills. The best way to help is to get home maintenance by replacing windows and doors. Making sure those exterior problems are sealed correctly helps a homeowner breathe easily. Taking preventative measures will also help with fewer future maintenance projects. Not everyone may be renovating their home, but most will be wanting to make sure their house is functioning the best it can. In 2022, there will be a lot more windows being checked as homeowners are learning that this is a significant first step in helping your home become energy-efficient. Even the Washington Post has given tips on how to be energy efficient and focused on the windows. Energy-efficient windows are a Glass Guru service, and you can be profiting off of the consumers’ needs.

Home remodeling projects take priority for homeowners.

The Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) predicts high single-digit number growth in home remodeling activity for 2022. Even with concerns during the pandemic and supply chain issues, people put their care and money into their homes. “With these tailwinds, annual improvement and repair expenditures by homeowners could reach $400 billion by the third quarter of 2022,” says Abbe Will, Associate Project Director of the Remodeling Futures Program in the JCHS article. While some products and services battling major challenges during these times, home maintenance will continue to see rapid growth and stability.  With these home service trends on the rise, you can take advantage of the financial potential by opening up a Glass Guru Franchise. You can have your own local franchise taking on these services and settle in confidently with a positive return on investment. Being the entrepreneur you strive to be backed with services that are in demand, makes opening a franchise with us a beneficial choice. By being the service homeowners are looking for, there will be an easier adjustment into diving into your market. 

Worker installing glass.

With home services on the rise, you can look to The Glass Guru to rise with it. This past year we have seen 75% of our stores producing record years for their gross revenue. 14 of our stores have had Million+ year (up from 9 in 2020.) We have also had 3 owners achieve over $2 million and have also added 2 more multi-unit owners giving us 4 total. With 30 milestone awards and +9.37% gain in monthly job sizes, your confidence can skyrocket too. Having a 125.6% cumulative increase in total invoiced this past year with 9 new locations in one year, tells you how needed these services are. Have the freedom of worry of lasting through a recession by being a part of The Glass Guru Franchise.  If you have ever considered owning a franchise, it would be adventitious to start providing services that will always be needed. During times of uncertainty, having financial confidence in your business is vital. With home services being high on homeowner’s priority lists, you can make an assured choice in franchising with The Glass Guru in 2022.