Leading Glass Franchise Welcomes New Communications Coordinator

  Communications is a critical part of any successful company, especially when there is a lot of current news about the organization to share with both customers and stakeholders, alike. The Texas-based franchisor of The Glass Guru brand is no different. The brand has been one of the fastest-growing in the home services category and is an industry leader in the world of glass repair, restoration, and replacement. The company has been setting records for growth and top-line numbers, even amid the global concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic of the past two years.  The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc. recently added a critical new position to the company’s communications team. Allison Hanke joined the ranks as the organization’s first Communications Coordinator. The role is an incredibly important one for The Glass Guru brand, involving overseeing the coordination of all the brand’s communications efforts, including all consumer, franchise recruiting, and internal communications. This omnichannel communications effort has become a delicate dance of complexity and nuance, and the team at The Glass Guru knows that Hanke is perfectly suited for the role.  “With as many streams as we have open right now, it has become increasingly difficult to stay up to date on all of the messaging that really needs to go out. We really do have a lot of good news to share.  As we were recruiting for this role, we had a decision to make. We could have just hired a really good writer who could fill the short-term gaps. The other choice was to play “long-ball”, and hire an individual who could not only write with a unique voice but who could also be adept at being the communications “project manager”, if you will.  We chose the latter of the two… We have a ton of contributors in our organization, as well as 3rd-party contract writers that we work with. Our marketing efforts are omnichannel and omni audiences. We really needed someone who could come in and help manage all of that, as well as to find their own voice within the brand, becoming a contributor themselves.  We could not have found a better suited individual than Allison Hanke. Classically trained in Public Relations, she’s taken a diverse vocational path since college, with experience in not only writing, but also in education. Allison has been incredible since she started, jumping right in, and making a positive impact on the communications efforts for our brand. She’s well liked by her teammates, and is a great fit with our company culture. I am excited and very optimistic about the future of our communications efforts here at The Glass Guru, and that is in no small part due to Allison joining our team.” Sean Young Director of Technology & Communications.  Allison lives in Frisco, TX with her husband, Lincoln and their two dogs Reese and Midge. When she is not at work, you can find her cheering on her husband on Friday nights while he coaches high school football. She enjoys reading the latest recommended book or checking out the latest “cozy” video game. D-I-Ying has also found a place in the Hanke home as Allison navigates learning new power tools and further fulfilling those creative juices on a furniture piece she probably found at a garage sale.

Allison Hanke | Communications Coordinator

Hanke will likely find that she is very busy within the first 6 months of her role with The Glass Guru. The organization has a backlog of great news from the past quarter, and will continue to have great news to share as the company continues its historic momentum into 2022. Look for upcoming news and announcements coming from The Glass Guru brand and the desk of Allison Hanke!