Our NEW Franchise Opportunity Brochure

It’s not typical that we’d post a news update when we release a new piece of collateral, but this time is different. The Glass Guru is proud to announce the availability of our new high-resolution digital Franchise Opportunity BrochureWe’ve included a ton of great information in this brochure including:

  • Our Unique Value Proposition
  • The Booming Home-Services Industry
  • Our Diversified Bundle of Services
  • Franchise Training and Support
  • What You’ll Get as a Franchise Owner
  • Our Clear Marketing Advantage
  • Company Recognition
  • Franchise Satisfaction
  • Franchise Revenues and Growth.
  • Startup Costs, Royalties, and Fees

Take the opportunity to download this brochure and review it. Please note that this high-resolution digital file will take a little time to download. [vcex_divider style=”solid” icon_color=”#000000″ icon_size=”14px” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]