New Gurus On The Block Have No Quit, Only Success

Alexis Hernandez and Raymond Minter Prove It Pays To Stay The Course 

In an awe-inspiring display of tenacity, resilience, and unwavering dedication, The Glass Guru of Port St. Lucie is quickly emerging as a success story. After months of  formidable challenges and initial launch delays, this remarkable franchise location, owned by the effective team of Ray Minter and Alexis Hernandez , has made an immediate splash after officially going live on August 21st. The tale of their journey from setbacks to promising success is nothing short of inspiring.

Ray and Alexis, whose entrepreneurial prowess has already flourished through two thriving ventures — a hospital transport service and a custom car repair shop — undertook the audacious task of establishing Glass Guru of Port St. Lucie as their third enterprise. This decision was fueled by their belief in The Glass Guru roadmap and the opportunities within the Port St. Lucie community they knew were perfect for the service offerings in our business model.

In a testament to the quality of their service and the community’s overwhelming support, The Glass Guru of Port St. Lucie has achieved remarkable metrics in its first days of operation. Across just four business days, they provided 7 estimates, totaling an impressive $5,528. These numbers are not just figures; they represent the embodiment of hard work, determination, and their unwavering faith in the model.  “I’m very excited for Ray and Alex, two great human beings that care about the people they serve and the team they surround themselves with. I’m confident that they will do great things with their new venture.” Rob Lopez, VP of Franchise Support & Business Development.

We know that it is all upward from here for the new Glass Guru team on the block, but we couldn’t refrain from celebrating their early success. Ray and Alexis are all grit and no quit.  That embodies The Guru Way!