New Ownership at The Glass Guru of Indy South

The Glass Guru’s franchise location located in the southern part of Indianapolis, IN (otherwise known as The Glass Guru of Indy South) is under new ownership! Longtime franchise owner Adam Ranard made the decision to sell his franchise. Fortunately for Adam and The Glass Guru, the franchise’s current Office Coordinator, Daina Egan was there to express interest to  Adam when he said he was interested in selling.  Fast-forward many months, and we find Daina Egan and Eric Van Buehling completing their Initial Franchise Training at The Glass Guru’s headquarters in Roseville, CA on Friday, November 21st, 2019. Franchise Owner Eric Van Buehling comes to the Glass Guru with an education in Industrial Technology and significant experience in mechanical engineering, requisitions, and purchasing. Daina Egan comes with an educational in Business Administration, and a professional background in human resources and finance. She served as the franchise location’s Office Coordinator for a little over a year before the transfer of ownership.  When asked what led them  to consider The Glass Guru as a business opportunity, and what ultimately drove their decision to move forward… It came down to the business opportunity presented on-paper from an active franchise. It was the culmination of looking a the numbers, and a number of significant discussions the couple had with both the previous franchise owner, and the franchisor team.  

I was the Office Coordinator (for The Glass Guru of Indy South) and had the opportunity to see “the numbers” when my boss said he wanted to sell. What drove our decision was then talking with (the corporate team) Dan, Glen, Dave, and Rob.” “We’re really excited to work for ourselves and offering a (much needed) service to our community” Daina Egan | The Glass Guru of Indy South, IN

According to the couple, they both strongly agreed that The Glass Guru franchise training process was well organized, and presented information in a way that was easy to understand. They felt the materials presented during the Initial Franchise Training at The Glass Guru headquarters adequately prepared them for the role as franchise owners. When it came to the couple’s  favorite part of Initial Franchise Training, it was of course the hands-on portion, “meeting the staff, and learning how to best operate your franchise effectively.” Moving forward, the couple is very optimistic about the business opportunity. “I see our business growing enough in the next two years to pay off our SBA loan (in advance),” says Egan . They are both planning on taking part in driving the business growth they’re looking for.  Eric will be focused on estimating and the company marketing, while Daina will continue to focus on the critical role of keeping the franchise’s front/back office running smoothly.  The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc. has been a leading glass and window restoration, repair, and replacement franchise since 2007, and continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. In addition to offering a proprietary, money-saving restoration service for failed insulated windows, the company’s 70+ full-service locations across North America are a one-stop solution for all of your residential glass needs.  For more information visit To learn more  about The Glass Guru franchise opportunity, visit