Rise and Overcome In Turbulent Economic Times

Rise and Overcome is a video originally produced for our franchisees in attendance at our recent 2022 Franchise Convention. It speaks to the fact that now, more than ever, is a special time in the history and evolution of The Glass Guru brand. Our commitment to service excellence combined with a scalable business model built on accountability and financial results, a world-class marketing program, and favorable market conditions create the perfect opportunity for our franchise owners in what may appear to be turbulent times ahead.

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There is power in numbers, especially during turbulent times. This is when our competitive advantages in the market matter most. We experienced record growth as a brand during the Great Recession and then again during the Pandemic and our stores are continuing to have record months and years with no end to our growth in sight. There will always be high demand for our services and the market remains wide open for us to continue to raise the bar and grow as successful economic units and a world-class brand.   Our model is designed to help our owners scale rapidly through the start-up and development phases of the business while maintaining profitability and a healthy work-life balance throughout the process. Our overarching goal is to help every one of our franchise owners achieve true Owner Independence, with multiple service teams operating under general management, where the business continues to thrive without being dependent on our owners being involved in the day-to-day operations.  Despite growing to 85 locations, ⅔ of the service territories available in the US remain open and available including some of the hottest markets. Every market needs and eventually will likely have a Glass Guru franchise so don’t let yours go to someone else! If you are considering a franchise opportunity and are looking for a recession-resistant brand that is built to last, regardless of uncertain economic times, take a look at The Glass Guru today.  Visit our franchise opportunity website or contact us today for more information about what’s available in your area and our five-year roadmap to Owner Independence.  We look forward to speaking with you.