Take Control of Your Future…

This year has proven to be a difficult year, with COVID-19 impacting so many personally and professionally. For many small businesses, the current economic environment has been tremendously challenging. For others more fortunate, 2020 has been a year of opportunity and growth.  As The Glass Guru sits today, we’re on the eve of announcing yet another record month for our organization. We’ve been well positioned in 2020 as an “essential” home-services company offering in-demand products, but we’ve also been able to lean heavily on something else… the strength of FRANCHISING and the power in NUMBERS. Our franchise teams have worked diligently this year to build and keep the customers’ trust during this critical moment. Our franchise support team also ramped up their efforts to help keep franchise owners focused on the right things and ensuring owners had the resources they needed to. These collective efforts have paid huge dividends with many franchise locations having their best years on record. .  2020 has been a great example of how franchising can help business owners transcend adversity and challenge. So many  entrepreneurs are facing the pandemic economy on their own, but  in franchising we face it together. The tremendous resilience of our franchise network and the incredible results we’re seeing as an organization during these troubled times has reminded us all why we enjoy operating in the franchise space to begin with…. It’s more than business, it’s family!  Recently, our friends at IFPG released a video that speaks to the power of franchising, and why today might just be the perfect time to get started with owning your own business.

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The World is Changing, Take Control of Your Future (Source: IFPG)

Are you looking for something more in your professional life? Do you want to exercise more control over your schedule or financial opportunity? Have you considered opening your own business? Find out about the franchise opportunity available through The Glass Guru. There is no better time than now to consider becoming a franchise owner! Be in business “for yourself, but never by yourself.”