Top Franchise Owner Satisfaction as Explained by Franchise Business Review and The Glass Guru

When it comes to opening a new business, many savvy entrepreneurs know that one of the fastest ways to ramp up a new business is to partner with a top franchise brand. Franchising allows business owners to leverage economies of scale simply not available to most small businesses. These franchise owners, known as franchisees, can take advantage of a myriad of support services and programs offered by the brand’s franchisor. Franchise owners should be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.  With thousands of opportunities out there, it can be challenging to know which franchise opportunity leads to the most franchise owner satisfaction. Many items like earnings potential, work/life balance and company values can determine a franchise owner’s satisfaction with the brand they align with. The most credible and successful top franchise brands place a high degree of effort and energy on franchise owner satisfaction. When an organization’s franchisees are aligned with the brand and produce positive outcomes, good things will happen for that brand. 

Top franchise owners are satisfied with growth.

The Glass Guru, a leading franchise brand in the glass, window, and door markets, sees franchise satisfaction as a singular focus. While their leadership team is responsible for developing, curating, and supporting products, services, and initiatives the franchisees use to deliver to the end customer, franchisee satisfaction is also critically important. The organization sees so much value in this metric that The Glass Guru makes a significant investment each year to participate in the independent “Franchise Satisfaction Survey” conducted by Franchise Business Review.

“We have always focused on innovation and offering core services that were in demand. As a franchisor, we’ve always focused on products, services, and initiatives that allowed our franchisees to execute at a high level and do it for profit. We continue to get better at executing our promise making our customers’ trust grow.  We hold our franchisees and their teams to a high standard in delivering on the promise of our brand. What makes The Glass Guru sustainable is supporting the franchisor along the way. ” Dan Frey | Founder & President The Glass Guru Enterprises, Inc. 

What Makes a Top Franchise?

The Glass Guru Brand is cited by Franchise Business Review as a top franchise opportunity multiple times. The annual Franchise Satisfaction Survey by FBR is a critical resource for our leadership team. Each year, we dive into the results to better understand what is working well and where we may have room to improve. We use the survey to address gaps, leverage our strengths, and incorporate data-driven strategy into our business plan. Some examples of the recognition bestowed upon The Glass Guru brand by FBR over the years include:

To better understand the process FBR takes to evaluate franchise brands, watch the video below. FBR President Michelle Rowan walks us through the complexity of the annual Franchise Satisfaction Survey and how The Glass Guru stack up. [vcex_divider color=”#dddddd” width=”100%” height=”1px” margin_top=”20″ margin_bottom=”20″] 

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