Top Ranked Glass Franchise Hires New Business Coach

The Glass Guru recently hired Joe Kirday as a Franchise Business Coach (FBC). His background in franchising and operations management will help him be successful in this role as a FBC for The Glass Guru brand. This role is critical, as FBC’s play the part of single-point-of contact for the company’s franchisees and their teams. The FBC’s have played a big role in helping franchise owners set goals and then coaching them through the execution of their strategic plans. It’s part of the reason the company has seen so much recent success. When there is an issue, the designated FBC plays the part of protagonist, ensuring that the franchisor brings the right subject matter experts into play to assist in solving the problem at hand. Before The Glass Guru, Joe attended Jones College in Jacksonville, FL obtaining his Bachelors in Business Administration. He then was drafted into the army during the Vietnam war. After leaving the army in 1972, he returned to his job at Sears, which led him to pick up a role at Xerox and soon landed him a facility manager role for ServiceMaster.  Working his way up to National Director of Corporate Sales Training, he accomplished 37 years of success. He retired in 2014. Joe found himself bored of retirement and was then brought on at The Glass Guru. 

While every technology and platforms age, the only thing that never gets old is connecting with people. Joe Kirday has had an illustrious career in the Franchise Support and Development space. He is known as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional in Franchising. He is straightforward with a sincere approach that creates confidence and a sense of calmness. Having walked the walk, he will provide sound business advice. He has been a mentor and friend to many and will connect with you in a manner that will bring the best out of you and your business.” Rob Lopez Vice President | Franchise Business Development

In his free time, Joe loves to learn. He received his Doctorate in Ministry and was ordained in 2003. He has substituted for schools and Sunday schools and preaches where he is invited. He has also owned his own franchise and enjoys spending time with his wife of 52 years and their two grandchildren in Dahlonega, Georgia. Lebanese food is his favorite, as he is Lebonese, stating he could eat that every day. The addition of another Franchise Business Coach is just one example of the many different ways The Glass Guru franchisor has continued to evolve to support the brand’s franchise owners and teams in he field. The company is very focused on ensuring that the right support resources are available for their franchisees in all area of business operations, whenever the need arises. The Glass Guru’s leadership team feels strongly that these great support and coaching resources play a big part in The Glass Guru being considered a top franchise opportunity when it comes to franchise owner satisfaction.