What it Means Being an Innovative Franchise According to The Glass Guru and Franchise Business Review

The Glass Guru has been identified by Franchise Business Review as one of just 100 franchise brands to be named an award-winning franchise in its  2022 report on the Most Innovative Franchises. The Glass Guru came into the Glass, Window, & Door market as a great disrupter, bringing the brand’s unique foggy window repair process to locations throughout the US and Canada. Additional niche products like in-glass pet doors were added to a wide array of their services making The Glass Guru unique among neighborhood glass shops throughout North America. From the beginning, the brand has been marketing-led. These days, the support team at The Glass Guru HQ ensures that franchisees have access to “agency-like” marketing services that rival today’s best brands. Multi-channel, integrated marketing is deployed at each location, ensuring the brand’s message is both heard and competitive.  The Glass Guru’s use of technology is also unique compared to most traditional local glass shops. The company provides franchise owners and their teams access to many of the best technological tools to help drive their business. Using technology helps franchise owners and their teams give their customers a great experience; customers use it to tell us if we delivered on our excellence promise. Technology is here to stay and will continue to evolve rapidly as The Glass Guru brand grows. The Glass Guru’s renewed and vigorously re-energized commitment to service excellence is a differentiator in today’s marketplace, where service levels diminish among many home service and home improvement companies. The Glass Guru ranks among the best companies in terms of objectively measured customer service scores. This commitment to service excellence is at the forefront of everything The Glass Guru brand is about.  Franchise Business Review, a research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction, provides the only ratings of franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes annual rankings of the top franchises in its Guide to Today’s Top Franchises and guides throughout the year, ranking the top franchises in specific sectors. To identify the companies on the list of this year’s Most Innovative Franchises, Franchise Business Review analyzed 18 months’ worth of data from over 30,000 franchisees representing more than 300 brands. Franchise owners were asked about their brand’s innovation and creativity, their trust in the franchisor, overall satisfaction with the brand, and likelihood to recommend it to others.

 “Innovation takes a lot more than just having creative ideas and solutions. It also takes execution,” said Eric Stites, founder and CEO of Franchise Business Review. “Each of the companies on our list of the Most Innovative Franchises has developed and implemented products, processes, or services that enable and sustain growth and long-term relevancy. We are proud to recognize the franchises that prioritize and value innovation to support their franchisees’ success and the long-term resiliency of the brand.”

 The Glass Guru franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including leadership, training & support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity. The Glass Guru’s survey data showed that franchisees were satisfied with the brand’s innovation and creativity.  The Glass Guru brand eclipsed the FBR benchmark and average scores around innovation and creativity for franchise brands in the home services industry.  Every job is an opportunity to provide service excellence. In today’s home service category, that’s a big differentiator. We’re innovative in our marketing and technology and, of course, our business model.

“We’ve always felt like we led from the point of innovation. From the beginning, we were the market disruptor, bringing niche glass services not offered by traditional glass shops. Since then, we’ve continued on that path, elevating our brand to be about more than just glass. We’ve provided a gateway into the home services industry, specifically the glass/fenestration industry, for business people with no trade experience. It’s a barrier we’ve been helping entrepreneurs break through since 2007. “ Dan Frey – Founder/President The Glass Guru Enterprises, Inc. 

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