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Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of individuals take a closer look at The Glass Guru Franchise opportunity. We’ve learned what franchise candidates find important when looking closely at The Glass Guru, and we’ve streamlined our franchise discovery into a proven process that works! If you are looking to learn how to become a franchise owner, our team of experts can help.

At The Glass Guru, we do not consider franchise recruiting a “sales” process. Instead, we are look at ourselves as facilitators, assisting franchise candidates in taking a deep and unencumbered look at our business model. Buying a franchise is a big decision. Our franchise consultants are your tour guides, helping you navigate the discovery process in an efficient and effective way, focusing on what’s important to you in your decision process.

At the same time that our team is getting candidates the information they need to look closely at our franchise opportunity, we also take the time to get to know the franchise candidate. Franchising is a form of business partnership, and it’s important that we strive to ensure the right candidates are awarded franchise territories. Remember, as a franchise owner, you are never alone when starting your own franchise business. You will always be able to rely on your franchise consultant when starting your business ownership journey. We’re always striving to ensure that there’s a mutually-beneficial relationship with our franchisees, and that a long-term path to profitability is apparent.

Speak With Us

An initial conversation with one of our experienced Franchise Sales Consultants goes a long way to ensure we get you the information you need to determine if we are the right franchise for you and your specific business ownership goals. To learn how to become a franchise owner, you can simply call us, or submit an inquiry using the online form, and we will contact you withing one business day.


Becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier. After contacting us, your Franchise Sales Consultant will send you a series of emails with great deal of information about our company, and the franchise opportunity. Take the opportunity to review the information, and please ask questions along the way¦


A lot goes into creating the perfect franchise territory when you’re an entrepreneur. You will have a scheduled call with our Corporate Development Department. During the call, we’ll let you know what territories are available in your area, and work with you to choose a franchise territory that meets our common business objectives.


Before we move forward with your franchised business, we will ask that you provide some more detailed information about yourself. Once you have provided the information by completing and submitting our “Advanced Profile Form”, we’ll send you the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please review this document carefully. We’ll also schedule a call after you’ve had a chance to review the FDD.


Hearing what our current franchise owners have to say is a critical part of the discovery process. Our franchise owners complete a Franchise Satisfaction Survey each year, and as part of the discovery process, we’ll give you a copy of the current survey results. In addition, many of our franchise owners love to tell their story¦ We’ll send you a list.


It’s now time to schedule a 2-day Discovery Day visit to The Glass Guru Headquarters in Northern California. During your discovery visit you’ll have ample time to get to know The Glass Guru Executive and Support teams. You’ll also get to spend time on a detailed tour of our local franchise, as well as go out on field visits to estimates and customer jobs in-progress.

Make Your Decision

After your discovery visit, our team will follow up with any additional information that you might request of us during the visit. If the following few days, the time will come for you to make a decision. If you choose to move forward at this point, The Glass Guru Corporate development team will prepare your franchise agreement and any other required documents for you to execute.


Once you sign your Franchise Agreement, we will help facilitate your location opening process long before your Initial Training. During this phase, you’ll be working closely with our team of industry and business experts to get your business ready to launch. This includes securing your initial facility, purchasing vehicle(s), establishing your marketing, negotiating vendors, getting your operating software up and running, and much more.


You’ll then attend our intensive 5-day Franchise Training Program at The Glass Guru headquarters in Roseville, CA. During these 5-days, we will pay particular attention to marketing, estimating, and general operations. You will establish graduated learning plans with each of the departments so that you’ll know exactly what is expected upon your return home.


Upon your return from training, it’s time to launch the franchise location. At this point, it’s likely that you’ll turn on your marketing, if that has not already happened. You will be gin running estimates, and doing business. Graduated learning will continue, as members of our support team will maintain a close watch on your progress, and will be there every step of the way to support you and your operation.


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