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Do you feel like your current job leaves you with little time for yourself or your family? Are you working long hours with little financial return and struggling to get ahead? If so, The Glass Guru franchise offers you a great new career where you can serve as your own boss and take control of your future.


They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.  Do you enjoy meeting and helping people?  Now imagine getting paid and building a thriving business doing just that.  Many of our owners are also estimators for their The Glass Guru business (at least initially).  Although we get many calls from homeowners looking to upgrade existing windows, doors, showers, etc, a good portion of our service calls relate to products that have broke or failed and need to be restored, repaired or replaced asap just to get it working again.  We love being the good guy who arrives on the scene to help.  Our unique, money-saving restoration services give our customers options that others can’t giving us distinction in market and helping earn livelong customers.

We believe in and promote a balanced lifestyle. While it’s flexible, it’s typical for our owners to work a standard 40 hour work week, dividing their time primarily between managing their infrastructure, doing estimates for local customers and ongoing local marketing activities.  Utilizing our proven operating and marketing systems, you can scale the business to become staff operated, affording you the time and resources to have the lifestyle you want doing more of what you want to do such as hobbies, vacations, time with family or even open additional The Glass Guru franchise locations as some of our current owners have already done.


We like to describe ourselves not as a glass organization that does good marketing, but rather a marketing organization that does great glass! True to our roots, the majority of our franchise owners had no glass or window industry experience prior to purchasing The Glass Guru franchise.

If you are interested in buying yourself a job restoring windows and installing glass this business is not for you. Alternatively, if you can imagine yourself employing a team of professionals including estimators, office staff and field techs, then let’s talk. Our scalable model can be started quickly with minimal capital, low overhead and virtually zero inventory but don’t let the low-cost fool you. The earnings potential is substantial and rivals that of many franchise businesses that have considerably greater capital requirements.

We have glass, window and door industry experts on our Franchise Support Team to teach our owners the important technical aspects of the business but the primary focus with our franchise owners is business development.  Even with minimal technical training, our owners can begin out-marketing and out-professionalizing the competition from day-one.

Many of our owners initially do estimates for their franchise but doing the work as well for more than a brief period is not an option.  Hiring a qualified glass installer (glazier) from the outset is a must so you can focus your time on business building activities.  Good office personnel early on is also essential.  With the right people combined with our powerful marketing strategy and systems, you can go from startup to profitable extremely fast


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