Glass Company Makes Franchise Connect’s Top Home Services List

Franchise Connect Magazine recently named The Glass Guru as a top franchise opportunity, including the established Glass, Window, and Door franchise a coveted spot on the publications recent list of the Top 100 Home Services Franchises. The Glass Guru is featured quite prominently on the list, which is featured as part of the article Why Invest in the Home Services Industry Even During COVID-19? In Franchise Connect’s Jan/Feb 2021 (Vol 3 – Issue 4) edition.

Download a copy of Franchise Connect’s Jan/Feb 2021 (Vol 3 – Issue 4) edition

The Franchise Connect Magazine article speaks volumes to something The Glass Guru has said for years… Home Services is a resilient market sector, often not at the whims of recessionary activity in the economy. Homeowners and business property owners alike have a keen interest in keeping the condition of their homes and businesses in top shape, regardless of economic conditions. It’s a big part of why The Glass Guru saw record numbers this past year!

Before COVID-19, in 2018, the United States home service industry market was worth $105.55 billion and was expected to grow to $219.07 billion by 2026. Even with coronavirus’ impact on the market, the industry is still expected to see massive growth in the coming years. Additionally, home services haven’t seen the same negative impact that many other industries have. This is because most of the services that make up the home service industry are essential and weren’t required to shut down due to the pandemic. Elizabeth Adams | Franchise Connect Magazine

The article is another validation of what’s been working for The Glass Guru all along. The organization not only had the benefits of being a strong home services franchise, but the company had made a number of additional moves during the pandemic that paid huge dividends, including making big digital transformations before COVID and then doubling-down on those efforts once the pandemic struck. The franchisor’s efforts paid off, as The Glass Guru was once again named by Franchise Business Review as a top franchise in terms of franchise owner satisfaction. That must mean, at least in their franchise owner’s minds, The Glass Guru is doing something right. 

Download a copy of Franchise Connect’s Jan/Feb 2021 (Vol 3 – Issue 4) edition