Glass, Window, and Door Industry Outlook Still Positive in Spite of Economic Challenges

With economic uncertainty creeping into the conversation, savvy entrepreneurs seeking good business opportunities have found some pause for concern with today’s economic outlook. With window and door this level of uncertainty, it can be difficult to gain the confidence needed to start your own business. Finding the right industry to break into during these times is vital to ensure that your business can launch successfully and gain financial stability within a reasonable timeline.  One sector that has remained consistently strong through the pandemic and the more recent concerns over inflation and supply chain shortage: home services! Companies specializing in home service and home repair have continued to prosper. Indications from top trade publications are indicating that this cautiously optimistic trend extends to the glass, window, and door sectors. 

Residential glass sales look positive.

Residential Sales Look Positive

Looking specifically at the potential sales and previous sales of residential glass brings a degree of confidence that we will finish out the 2022 economic outlook strongly. Window + Door Magazine states that one of the biggest opportunities is increased sales alongside a strong housing market. Reported sales were 60% higher than their projection in 2021. Knowing the challenges 2021 brought, housing construction is still the strongest in smaller suburban areas. This means there is still a major market to be tapping into.  The top five in-demand products in 2021 were: vinyl windows, traditional patio doors, multi-panel doors, energy star rated products and aluminum windows. Interior renovations using glazing and glass are currently booming as well. There is a consistent forecasted demand for these products throughout 2022. While there is likely to be some softening in demand, we will see a strong outlook for window and door sales into 2023 and beyond. 

Economic outlook on glass and window looks up.

Inside Look at the Glass & Glazing Sector 

With supply chain improvements predicted and contract glaziers reporting their expectations of increased sales, glass & glazing look to remain strong. Employee additions are anticipated for the coming months. Reporting from Window + Door states that 75% of employers plan to add staff this year. Glass fabricators plan to make significant machinery purchases this year, as well reported by USGlass News Network. These investments will result in productivity gains, further lessening the concerns over the domestic supply chain. This will all play a positive role in economic outlook growth within the industry. New products are also being anticipated to debut in 2022.  Within The Glass Guru franchises, there are 11 record highs being hit in the month of March. 

Glass industry takes a positive economic outlook.

Economic Conclusions for 2022 

With the United Nations General Assembly declaring 2022 the International Year of Glass, why wouldn’t glass have a positive economic outlook? The International Commission on Glass states that glass is an essential role in society, so this will be celebrated this year. The National Glass Association is leading efforts to promote the solutions glass provides according to Glass Magazine. Overall, 2022 is already bringing in big numbers, and the projections are still positive and on track. Glass, windows, and doors mark sectors that have historically been stable during otherwise unfavorable conditions, and that will prevail and stay around. Record high sales are continuously being posted within the glass industry keeping this economic outlook positive.

The glass industry takes a confident leap into Q2.

Consider Capitalizing on the Recent Industry Success 

North American glass franchise, The Glass Guru, has certainly shared in the industry success seen over the past several years. Ever since the brand began franchising in 2007, the organization has seen growth that transcended traditional markets. The brand had record sales during the pandemic after being classified as an essential business. The company backed that up with record sales again in 2021 and is also forecasting double-digit growth for 2022. Regularly cited as a recession-proof franchise opportunity, the leadership team at The Glass Guru sees it a bit differently. 

We don’t embrace the term “recession-proof” very often, if only not to jinx it. We prefer to consider our brand “economically nimble”. With our feet equally planted in both the home improvement and home repair categories, The Glass Guru has always been able to count on a steady stream of demand from homeowners and business owners.  Even when times get challenging, the need for replacing broken glass or failed windows never goes away, and that is a big part of our revenue stream. While we’re not happy to see some of the negatives creep into the economic news, we’re very confident here at The Glass Guru in our proven model, world-class support team, and incredible franchise owners and teams.” Dan Frey | President & Founder The Glass Guru Enterprises, Inc.  

If the economic outlook gets you as exciting as the team at The Glass Guru organization, home services, specifically the glass, window, and door category may be right for you.   If you are an entrepreneur seeking a business opportunity that will not only help you survive, but also thrive during times to come, reach out to The Glass Guru and find out how to become a franchise owner? We are ready to assist you in finding out if our brand is the right opportunity for you.