Offer a Unique Money-Saving Service to Your Market

In 2004, The Glass Guru was founded on one simple premise… To offer a unique, money-saving, and environmentally-friendly service to our customers. Our foggy window repair process was born. Since franchising the business in 2007, The Glass Guru has provided foggy window repair to many of our customers, preventing tens-of-thousands of insulated glass units (the glass assembly inside window frame) from making their way to the local landfill.

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Now is a GREAT opportunity to be the first in your market to offer this unique service. Foggy window repair is a service that is very rarely offered by our competitors in any given market. It’s a in-demand solution to a very common problem, as 100% of dual-pane windows will fail over time. This service is low-cost to the customer, coming in at around half of the cost of replacement glass. It’s a high-margin service that only takes about 30 minutes per window to complete. Combine this in-demand niche service with The Glass Guru’s diverse array of glass repair and replacement services, and you have a winning combination. Contact The Glass Guru today to find out if a franchise opportunity is right for you.