Record-Setting Home Services Franchise Continues Strong Growth Trend

As we near the middle of the 4th quarter of 2020, there is still a degree of economic uncertainty in many industries, with factors like COVID-19  and the election taking their toll. While the  news is filled with stories about businesses that have been negatively affected by these market influencers, perhaps there has not been enough time dedicated to speaking about companies who are actually thriving in what has been anything but an ordinary year.  The Glass Guru franchise is demonstrating why the home services is a category that’s typically more insulated than most during times of economic uncertainty. The organization is continuing to see high-demand for their full range of  traditional and niche residential and commercial glass services throughout North America.  The organization has eclipsed network-wide monthly total revenue numbers 4 of the past 5 months of the year, with a close second-best figure for the month of August. The Q3 2020 network-wide numbers were also the highest quarterly figures seen in The Glass Guru’s history.  The leadership team at The Glass Guru has seen this type of welcome success during difficult times before, with the brand beginning to franchise in 2007. 

Back in 2007 we were full of optimism when we kicked-off our franchise program, and then we ran straight into the Great Recession. We were pleased to see the demand for our products and services help our brand transcend those difficult times. We continued to add locations and we also saw the same store growth continue throughout those years. It was validation that not only was our brand concept strong, but that the home services category was a very resilient market category, regardless of economic conditions.  2020 brought an elevated demand for The Glass Guru’s glass, window, and door services. We really feel that this demand was likely increased with the lockdowns earlier in the year that still continue to some degree. Many homeowners were and are still spending more time at home combined with the effect of not being able to spend money on the normal vacations, restaurants, entertainment and other places we typically spend our dollars.  Coupled with the increased demand, the hard work and dedication of our franchise teams has led us to where we are now. Keeping up with the consistent month-over-month growth occurring is testament to our franchise owners and their teams, as well as a headquarters team that has offered pervasive support to the franchise network to help franchisees adeptly navigate this year’s challenges.” Dan Frey | President & Founder – The Glass Guru Franchise

The Glass Guru named several franchise owners who achieved milestone revenue numbers in October 2020 for their respective locations:

  • Paul Schlimgen – The Glass Guru of Albany, NY
  • Ranae Williams & John Hutchins – The Glass Guru of Brentwood, CA
  • Scott House – The Glass Guru of Lansing, MI
  • Kyle & Stephanie Hansen – The Glass Guru of Southlake, TX
  • David Garrison – The Glass Guru of Grove City OH
  • Jay Lund – The Glass Guru of Temecula, CA
  • Joe Miller – The Glass Guru of Grand Junction, CO
  • Roberto Medrano & Julio Medrano – The Glass Guru of Columbia MD
  • Stan Gilbreath – The Glass Guru of Johns Creek, GA

If there is anything that the team at The Glass Guru has learned over the years, it’s that whatever is happening today, prepare for that to change. The organization has taken this period of consistent growth in stride, seeking continuous improvement, regardless of conditions. The Glass Guru leadership team has hinted at a number of new programs and initiatives that will be presented to the franchise organization in early 2021. The goal of providing The Glass Guru’s franchise owners with critical new tools in marketing, operations, and business intelligence will surely provide The Glass Guru the opportunity for continued growth and success next year.