Remodeling 550 Data Looks Promising for Replacement Contractors

The home services marketplace continues to be a hot market sector. This trend is highlighted most recently in an article by the Hanley Wood publication Replacement Contractor. The article Biggest Replacement Contractors Revenue Climbs 41%: 2018 Remodeling 550 Preview highlights the data received with the submissions for the 2018 Remodeling 550. One of the data points required in submissions for the annual Remodeling 550 listing is gross revenues. In a preview of the 2018 Remodeling 550 due out May 23rd, 2018, the article highlights an incredible, all be it an expected revelation: “Replacement contractors comprising the 2018 Remodeling 550 reported a blistering 2017 sales growth of 41% over 2016. Collectively, replacement contractors took in $3.88 billion last year!”This figure eclipses any figure we’ve seen in the category for the last 10 years, including the “boom” years! Furthermore, 2018 is projected to be even a better year. Replacement contractors submitting to Remodeling Magazine are “projecting a whopping $4.72 billion in sales this year…. That’s a 22% percent increase over 2017’s already record-breaking haul” according to the article. This is yet another indicator that now is the time to strongly consider starting a home-services company. “Market condition, population demographics, energy efficiencies, and new technologies continue to benefit and enhance the remodeling market.  Due to these and other factors, we expect strong growth within our remodeling market segment for the foreseeable future” says The Glass Guru’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Glen Greenfelder. If you’ve been on the fence about joining The Glass Guru team, and purchasing your own franchise territory, now is the time to act! The Glass Guru have proven to be a great entry-point for business-oriented entrepreneurs to break into the home services category. As this article from Replacement Contractor highlights, the economic conditions point to a great future with this business. For more about the numbers, including startup costs, and more about the home-services market outlook, please see THE NUMBERS. To read the entire article in Replacement Contractor Magazine.