Business View Magazine Interviews The Glass Guru President & Founder

Business View Magazine featured a one-on-one interview with The Glass Guru’s founder and President Dan Frey in their September 2020 edition. The article was part of the publication’s focus on best business practices of American franchise companies. While the interview was in many ways an origin story, with Dan looking back on the early days of the company, it’s equally an opportunity to take a deeper look at The Glass Guru’s franchise practices as they operate  the challenging economic climate of today. In speaking of the founding days of the organization, Frey goes all the way back to the beginning, when the company offered a single niche service doing  foggy window repair. He continues detailing the realization that there were opportunities being left on the table and how that led to a process of expanding into additional value-added services. Dan continues to elaborate on the early days of franchising, the evolution of The Glass Guru, and the value proposition of becoming a franchise owner today. When asked why an entrepreneur  would want to become a Glass Guru partner, Frey responds:

Glass is a product that’s all around us and our franchise program in an entry point into a great industry that has a perfect storm of market conditions taking place within it, right now. It’s got increasing demand and fewer and fewer providers, which are great ingredients going into any industry. We’re providing a proven model with all the training tools and resources already in place. It’s kind of like a vehicle that’s gassed up and ready to go. It just needs great drivers.” Dan Frey | President & Founder – The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc. 

Since 2007, The Glass Guru has become a very successful home-services franchise, with an incredible network of successful franchise owners, and a quality franchise support team as company HQ.  If you are a businessperson seeking an economically-resilient franchise opportunity, or are an emerging franchise brand who’d like to hear the story about how The Glass Guru has become  a top brand in franchising, take the opportunity to read the whole article. Visit Business View Magazine today.