Franchise Publishes Numbers from 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document

The Glass Guru is pleased to announce the release of the organization’s new 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Each year, franchise organizations are required to update their respective Franchise Disclosure Document or “FDD”.  While a complete, and thorough review of the entire FDD is critical for every franchise candidate, the most sought-after information requested by candidates about the franchise opportunity is typically around start-up costs. The other top requested information is the financial performance representations contained within the FDD, otherwise known as the Item 19. With the recent approval of The Glass Guru’s 2020 FDD, the organization has updated the information available to candidates considering the company’s franchise opportunity. Much of this information, including excerpts from the 2020 FDD, can be found on The Numbers page on the company’s franchise development website The Glass Guru is traditionally ranked as a top low-cost franchise opportunity by leading publications. This year is no different. What’s great for entrepreneurs looking seriously at The Glass Guru as a franchise opportunity, is the fact that this low-cost opportunity just got a little more affordable. Not only has The Glass Guru reduced the initial franchise fee required to purchase a franchise territory, but the total startup costs (reflected in Item 7 of the FDD) have also decreased.  The Glass Guru’s 2020 Item 19 of the FDD includes numbers for franchise locations reporting sales for all reporting periods for the previous year(s) including:

  • Average Gross Sales – Top 10 %, Top 25%, Top 50%,  Bottom 10%, and All Locations
  • Average Growth % – Top 10 %, Top 25%, Top 50%, Bottom 10%, and All Locations
  • Average Growth $ – Top 10 %, Top 25%, Top 50%, Bottom 10%, and All Locations
  • Average Gross Sales by Years in Operation – Top 10%, Top 25%, Top 50%, Bottom 10%, and All Locations
  • Gross Revenue Rankings – All Locations

With the company seeing gains in nearly every category included in the Item 19, leadership at The Glass Guru is  encouraged.

We are very proud to be able to continue to offer one of the most unique, and low-cost  franchise opportunities around, at a time when there are a ton of franchise concepts coming to market. We’ve continued to be aggressive over the years, ensuring that our proven franchise model is consistently one of the most affordable entry-points into business ownership in the home service category. At a time in our history where relationship, trust, and value are all critically important, The Glass Guru continues to measure everything we do using those values. Our overwhelming goal is to create an environment where our franchise owners can be profitable and happy. Our job is to be a force-multiplier for our franchisees and their staff, so they can continue to stay focused on delivering the best possible experience to the end-customer.” Dan Frey | Founder & CEO

If you have been considering The Glass Guru’s franchise opportunity, now is a great time to take a look at the updated information on The Numbers page. In addition, as our FDD is approved in the other registration states in the coming weeks, The Glass Guru will be reaching out to franchise candidates to ensure they receive a copy of the 2020 FDD for detailed review.