The Glass Guru Comes to New Jersey!

Recently, The Glass Guru welcomed the one of the organization’s newest franchise owners, Mr. Jacek Piczak. Jacek spent time attending Berkeley College in NYC, and has a broad range of experience in all aspects of general construction. He spent 5 years on active duty in the US Army, and continues his service as an active member of the United States Army Reserve. There comes a time in all entrepreneurs lives where they make a pivotal decision about moving forward in business. Jacek is no different. “I wanted to challenge myself, and at the same time, accomplish a few goals; build something for my family, give back to the community, and to help customers save money with a more earth-friendly alternative” says Piczak. The Glass Guru was the perfect fit for Jacek, who purchased the franchise location in Meadowlands, NJ. He completed his New Franchise Training at The Glass Guru’s North American headquarters on December 8th, 2017. When asked about some of the other reasons he chose The Glass Guru as his newest business venture, Jacek replied “The Moisture Removal was the first thing that drew me to the franchise. Also, the teams at both Franchise HQ and the Roseville location are amazing, as well passionate in what they do… and very knowledgeable.” Jacek leaves Initial Franchise Training energized, and ready to move forward with launching his franchise location, The Glass Guru of Meadowlands, NJ. He’s looking forward to making a “big impact” in the market with The Glass Guru’s unique blend of products and services, as well as his own passion for the new venture.