Gurnee, IL Franchisee Featured in 1851 Franchise Article

The Glass Guru franchise Tom Rowland was recently featured in an article published by 1851 Franchise. 1851 posts unique articles that bring the franchise world together by providing online resources including  daily content from franchise specialists, thought leaders, journalists, and entrepreneurs. The 1851 Franchise article highlights Tom’s  experience with The Glass Guru brand…. From the beginning where he was seeking out a business opportunity, to today, where he and his father run their successful Gurnee, IL franchise location. The entire journey started for Tom not too long after he completed his college education.

I knew growing up that I wanted to work for myself; that was the ultimate goal, I went to Purdue University to study engineering, figuring I’d get a good job that would eventually help me start a business. I later switched my major to business management, realizing that’s what I was truly interested in.”“I guess they saw some potential in a young guy,” Rowland said of the (Glass Guru) corporate team. “It’s definitely worked out well for both of us.” – Tom Rowland

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Over the years, Rowland has been able to grow a successful franchise location, and has eyes towards opening a second franchise territory. When asked about why he chose to go the franchise route, it was a straightforward choice for Tom, and not uncommon when it comes to entrepreneurs who choose to partner with a franchise brand.

Why reinvent the wheel if there’s a good model that matches my personality and what I want to do?”

In his role, it’s apparent that Rowland leads from a “service-first” mentality. His awareness of how others in the home service industry can leave customers feeling wanting in terms of the service side has helped Tom with his success. 

We wanted to bring that customer service, but also bring an upstanding business to the community, one that people can trust,” he said. “They know they’re not going to ask the same question to different people and get different answers on different days. There are a lot of bad stories that float around in the construction industry, and we want to be a breath of fresh air. When you have glass needs, we’re here for you. We want to give a fair price across the board, whether you’re a homeowner, a builder or a property manager.”

Take the opportunity to read more about Tom and his amazing ride as a very successful franchise owner with The Glass Guru. His insights on going the “franchise route”, how to research a business opportunity, and his amazing passion about customer service all could prove valuable if you in fact are seeking a business opportunity yourself. Read the entire article published on the 1851 website. (Working on 1851 links- 12/18/19)